103. Books I’m Looking Forward too (New Releases 2019)

Welcome back to another post by yours truly.

Usually I publish recommendation lists and reviews of books that I’ve read, and over time I just kept to that. But lately, I’ve been coming across announcements of new books to be released by some of my favourite authors, so I just wanted to document them all in one post.

As much as for you, as for me.

Let’s go!

These books are to be released within the next few months mainly from April till September. I found them to be promising, unique and worth being added to that bottomless to-be-read list we all have 😀

1.       Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know, by Malcolm Gladwell:

If you didn’t already, I adore and revere anything and everything by Malcolm Gladwell. All his books regardless of what they talk about have changed my mind and the way I look at this world.

It has been more than 6 years since his last book: David and Goliath, and it is high time he came out with something new. Following is a snippet of what he aims at talking in his latest title:

“Through a series of puzzles, encounters and misunderstandings, from little-known stories to infamous legal cases, Gladwell takes us on a journey through the unexpected.

You will read about the spy who spent years undetected at the highest levels of the Pentagon, the man who saw through the fraudster Bernie Madoff, the suicide of the poet Sylvia Plath… You will discover that strangers are never simple.

No one shows us who we are like Malcolm Gladwell. Here he sets out to understand why we act the way we do, and how we all might know a little more about those we don’t”

Release date: September 10, 2019

  1. 10 minutes 38 seconds in this Strange World by Elif Shafak:

Elif Shafak is one of the most influential and narrative altering writer of our time, she talks about all the taboo and sensitive topics that have been swept under the rug for centuries.

Like Gladwell, I adore her too and there is something peaceful about her books that just put my mind at ease. Her stories literally transport me to the era she is talking about and for a minute the real world just blurs out.

What caught my eye was the odd title of her new book : “10 minutes 38 seconds in this Strange World” which was enough to grab my attention (and wallet!).

Here is a synopsis:

“For Leila, each minute after her death brings a sensuous memory: the taste of spiced goat stew, sacrificed by her father to celebrate the long-awaited birth of a son; the sight of bubbling vats of lemon and sugar which the women use to wax their legs while the men attend mosque; the scent of cardamom coffee that Leila shares with a handsome student in the brothel where she works. Each memory, too, recalls the friends she made at each key moment in her life – friends who are now desperately trying to find her. . .”

Release Date: 06 June, 2019

  1. Game Changer by Wajahat Saeed Khan:

As a member of the sub-continent, cricket is a sport we all understand and are expected to know how to play while we’re just infants! Okay I may have exaggerated there, but the passion we have for cricket is manic!

So, right in time for the World Cup we have a biography of Pakistan’s very own Lala and literal “game changer” of any match: Shahid Afridi.

His memoir was written by Wajahat Saeed Khan by an international journalist who’s show Mahaaz I loved when it was on air.

Nonetheless, this will be a treat for all the cricket fans.

Release Date: 30th April, 2019

  1. In the Company of Strangers by Awais Khan

Awais Khan is a Pakistani author I recently have discovered on Instagram. This will be his debut novel and despite having an enviable book collection, I am all for upcoming new Pakistani authors who won’t succumb to the commercial needs of the literary world and do justice to the stories they set in Pakistan.

With the story based in Lahore and not holding anything back from the summary i’ve read, I’m hoping to be surprised.

Here is a synopsis:

“Lahore – a city of secretive glamour, whispering elites, and sordid affairs. A city brought to its knees by terrorism. Forty one-year old Mona has almost everything: money, friends, social status… everything except for freedom in the repressed Pakistani society.

Heady with love, she begins a delicate game of deceit that spirals out of control and threatens to shatter the deceptive facade of conservatism erected by Lahori society, and potentially destroy everything that Mona has ever held dear.”

Release Date: 28 July, 2019.




  1. Awais

    I just saw this list. Thank you so much, Sarah. I’m so happy to see you promoting regional talent and I really hope that you enjoy reading this book.

    Many thanks,


  2. It s that time again where we look toward the future of films and count down some of the most anticipated films of next year. I am very excited for 2019, not only from a creative perspective, but also from a business perspective. I will be intruiged to see what ends up becoming of theatres, after streaming platforms such as Netflix and the new Disney+ are given rise to.


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