29. Where Do I Buy Books From + New Year Book Haul

When you can’t start the year without a bunch of new books, you go online, select the ones you’ve been eyeing to grab for a few months, select some that just crossed your eyes and need to be in your collection, pay for one day delivery (cause you have the patience of a new born baby), and flaunt it online.

So I don’t know where the above rant is heading but if you care for my reckless spending (according to my mom) for books, keep reading 😀

I happened to buy three items from the Last Word in Lahore through their Facebook page:

  • The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas (Rs. 795)

  • Swimming by Roger Deakin (Rs. 395)
  • Language by Xiaolu Guo (Rs. 395)

This was my second time ordering from The Last Word, as I follow their Instagram where the post new and bestselling titles regularly. Plus if you message them regarding the availability of certain books they respond instantly! I love their customer service both on Facebook and Insta and with their one day shipping you get them instantly without having to wait.

I also bought some titles before Christmas from Readers Point in Centaurus Mall, they had a sale going on and usually they only have the popular titles that are expensive, however they have used books as well and if you are lucky you may just find some amazing steals, like I did with this leather bound edition of Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy only for Rs. 450 *gasps*

Other than that you can check Liberty and Readings for a larger collection of books online:

  1. http://www.libertybooks.com/
  2. http://www.readings.com.pk/

If all else fails Old Books store scattered around twin cities like DWatsons and Shaheens isn’t a bad option as well. Although the one in F10(next to Bareeze) is my personal favorite, the shop keeper manages to keep the latest popular releases almost instantly.

Hope this helped and answered some questions some of you might have.

Please leave any good bookshop address down below, so that I can scour their shelves <3


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