58. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan-Book #1

This has got to be the ultimate guilty pleasure/fun to read book I’ve read by far this year. I mean I stayed up till 3 am to finish it! My dark circles are evidence!! (Dear eyes, one of these days you shall receive the love and care you deserve)

Where do I begin with how hilarious, over the top, pretentiously amazing this book is. I literally couldn’t have asked for a better escape from all the heavy stuff I’ve been reading. It should be on every one’s summer read, despite it being so shallow and dramatic, the entertainment is on point for anyone looking to lay off steam and not wanting to engage their brain on a higher level of understanding and philosophy of life.



The story is about a young Asian couple – Rachel Chu and Nicholas Young – both professors and dating for the past 2 years, when Nick asks Rachel to spend the summer in Singapore with his family and to attend the his best friend’s wedding which also happens to be the biggest Asian wedding of the century. Rachel, assuming a very middle class/humble family is thrown into the VVVIP class of the elites in Singapore, where she discovers not only her boyfriend’s ginormous fortune and royal dynasty, but a way life and traditions so over the top, it makes her head spin.


“ …no wonder I always see him[HarryLeong] in the prime minister’s box at Nation Day celebrations. So this family is close to the center of power.”

“Wye Mun, they are the center of power”

Amid rumors regarding her lineage, luxury designer clothes, dinners with diplomats, mean girls who assume she’s a gold digger, and a marriage proposal went horribly wrong, Rachel ends up discovering some serious details about her past that not only threaten her relationship with Nick but also with her mother.

Amid the glitz and galore of couture dresses, trips to Paris for the latest fashion trends, and jewellery where each piece is above thousands of dollars, the FOOD is so hyped and talked about that I honestly felt hungry at so many parts. The great thing about the book was the huge amount of footnotes regarding the food, translation of Singaporean/Malay slangs and descriptions of institutions and trends in the country.

I honestly felt like I was given a close Behind-the-scene tour of Singapore despite not even knowing anyone from there, oh and did I mention the movie is coming out THIS MONTH!!! I mean I’ve already seen the trailer 100 times, will definitely be seeing it.

Onto the basics:

  1. Rating: 3.0/5.0
  2. Favorite quote:  “Remember every treasure comes with a price”
  3. Reader level: Easy paced except you may end up googling all the various things, places, food, and stuff mentioned.
  4. Should you read: If you want an escape that requires little brain-work, huge amount of satire and family drama so crazy you’ll be gawking; go for it!
  5. Would I read it again: Nope haha, it’s a one time experience.

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