86. Exploring Bookshelves with Ridhi

For the second post in this series, I am introducing you all to Ridhi Gupta – one of my teammates from The Scribbled Stories, fellow Mistborn fangirl, and Epic Fantasy lover. Apart from producing write ups like she’s never been hit with a writer’s block, she is a skilled artist and I can watch her painting timelapses on Instagram, all day. But I’ve gushed enough about her and you can read what she has to say after watching the video below 🙂

About Ridhi:

If there is free time, Ridhi can be found reading or writing or doing both, somehow. She cannot stand reading self-help/autobiographical books because she obviously hates being told what to do. Her handle (@artalanche_ridhigupta) is just a place for her to release, and find peace.

She can be found admiring anything, from a masterpiece to the oddly shaped foam in her cup of tea. Potterhead without a favourite house, she’s mostly lost in admiring the world around her.

So, Ridhi what made you want to read and stick to it?

I think it’s hereditary…

My parents are avid readers. The boxes under our beds don’t store clothes. They store piles upon piles of books. Classics, thrillers, horror, fiction, you name it they have it. So, since I was a baby I’ve been surrounded by nothing but books. Fairy tales, poems, short stories all sorts.

My mother promoted reading to the extent that even when we needed to gift something to someone it was usually a book, a habit that has continued well into my adult years.I mean, you can never really go wrong with a book can you? (No, you can’t my friends. No you can’t! – SQ)

Which is why I call it hereditary, because you can’t really force reading on someone, you can create an interest and they need to keep going!

Books to me are something to get lost in, something to escape reality, where time has no essence, where it’s just me and all these other beings, and I’ve always loved that feeling of being so engrossed in a book that you completely lose sense of your surroundings. It is possible that that is what I read a book for.

That sounds like parenting done right, lets do some quick Q&As?

Going to go bat-shit-crazy here.

1. One Book you turn to in times of need:

I just start a new book. My times of need are usually the dinner table.

2. One Book you can’t help but re-read:

Order of Phoenix (Harry Potter Series) because that’s what I have at home when I’m eating and don’t have anything new to read.

(Picture Provided by Sheree from Keeping Up With Penguins)

3. One Book everyone should read: The Night Circus, Palace of Illusions, Farenhite 451

4. One Book that no one should read: How about an author Chetan Bhagat and others like him. He was the reason I stopped reading books by Indian authors. Then I found some other good people and came back.

5. One Cult-Classic Book you never read: Never completed Brave new world or 1984 by George Orwell.

6. One Book that changed your life: Alchemist, Aleph and Manuscripts found in Accra by Paulo Coelho, as well as Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss.

7. One Book Series everyone should have:
– Any book series by Brandon Sanderson
– Soul eater series
– Any book series by Victoria Schewab
– Try to read books from obscure authors, they are a treasure waiting to be found.
– Books by Robin Cook and Mr. Stephen King.

And there you have it everyone. Another day, another person sharing their love for books and hoping to inspire you guys to read as well.

Hope everyone enjoyed as much I did, and do even now! While fangirling over our favorite books or discussing favorite crushes that we find in books cause the real world has been disappointing. (JK! not really though)

If you want to read about the previous guest (Sheree from KeepingUpWithThePenguins) in this series, click here

– Sarah

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