87. The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson – Mistborn Book 3

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Guys, I cannot believe I am writing the review of the last book in this Epic Mistborn Trilogy where I still go in a trance like state when I remember what the book did to my imagination, feelings and mind. I honestly believe this is the best Fantasy I’ve ever read and I am only more pumped and excited to read about the Cosmere Universe created by Brandon Sanderson.

“You’ve managed– in our short three years together– to kill not only my god, but my father, my brother, and my fiance. That’s kind of like a homicidal hat trick. It’s a strange foundation for a relationship, wouldn’t you say?”

But before I go all swoony and gaga about this incredible author and series, lets read the summary, shall we?


The events of the last book: The Well of Ascension left us with Vin having been tricked into releasing the power called Ruin and Elend Venture turning into a Mistborn right as he was about die. Now with the black ash falling with more frequency than ever and the mists appearing during the day killing people, Elend and his wife Vin are racing against time to save the world.

“Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.”


With a divide and conquer strategy the original crew – what is left of them – are all playing their part in finding the clues left by the Lord Ruler who had planned for such a terrible outcome and made provisions in case of doomsday, all over the empire. This gives us insight into how the events thousands of year ago actually played out and who in fact will be the Hero of Ages that’ll save the world.

“Faith means that it doesn’t matter what happens. You can trust that somebody is watching. Trust that somebody will make it all right.”

Since everyone thinks it is Vin, it is a surprise how certain events leave The Final Empire without hope as two of the main characters meet a certain end that leave everyone shocked. But in the sight of the imminent destruction rises the Hero of ages who was prophesied to salvage the earth.

“In the end, they will kill us,” Elend said, voice loud, ringing in the cavern. “But first, they shall fear us!”


I know I didn’t do a good job at the summary but there is so much to say that can spoil the story no matter how hard I try not to give anything away. But I think my review can speak more for this masterpiece of a book, that my sad job at summarizing the plot.

“For the greater good.” “That has been the excuse of tyrants throughout all time.”

To begin with, it truly is fascinating how every puzzle piece falls into place in this book and we’re given closure to all the characters and their stories. Even the one’s whom we thought may not achieve much like Spook or Tensoon, had an equally vital part in the book. There were points where I just laughed at the humour these characters displayed despite the chaos and destruction they were surrounded in.

“How easily Elend spoke of hope and humor, as if being happy were simply a decision one made. Some people assumed that it was.”

But most importantly, the history and backstory of the Kandra was so interesting to read leaving no question in the reader’s mind unanswered. This universe and the magic system is so well planned and thought of that there isn’t anything information or closure missing in the final book.  All the questions you’ve ever had are answered.

I mean just thinking of using metals and alomancy and hemalurgy and mistwraiths and mistborns and mists and all the different elements involved, gets me so hyped up about this book that it leaves no doubt in my mind when I say YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

The plot is fast moving, the characters are flawed but strong, the magic system is ingenious, and the fight between wrong and right makes you question every single ideology you ever held dear to you. You’ll fall for characters that seem ingenuine and think of them heartless later on, and vica versa. However, the thing I loved the most was how the story didn’t have one element of sexual content and still kept the readers glued.

This trilogy is appropriate for any age group even adults who may think they’re way old for fantasy. Trust me! You need this trilogy in your life. And if you’re more interested in the work of Brandon Sanderson, there is an amazing post on his blog on where to start with his fantasy books, click here

Onto the basics:

  1. Rating: 5.0/5.0
  2. favorite quote: “That’s what trust is. It’s about giving someone else power over you. Power to hurt you.”
  3. Reader level:
  4. Should you read:  Please do!
  5. Would I read it again: Of course!

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