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Taking a break from all those bookish posts, despite having a huuuuge backlog of reviews to post, and despite my friends and family assuming my life revolves around books (it doesn’t! Well…) I want to come here and talk about podcasts as I am hooked onto them for the past 3 years now.

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Before I discuss some new podcast shows I’ve been really digging, let me give a quick refresher on what they basically are? Podcasts are audio series/shows that can be downloaded or listened to online. They can be about anything, and when I say anything? There is a podcast show on almost ANY TOPIC you can think of.

These shows have been around for a long time and you can listen to them on your phone through the apps like podcast app (iPhone) and Google Podcasts(android) or different third party apps for both platforms (soundcloud, spotify, anchor- to name a few).

If you’re still confused, hit me up on Instagram and I’ll try to guide you more, and now onto the shows that I listen to while doing chores or during long commutes. Lets start!

  1. How I Built This with Guy Raz

In this show the host, Guy Raz, talks with the brains and visionaries behind one of the most successful businesses like Glossier, Five Guys, Whole Foods, Kickstarter, Airbnb,  WeWork, and more. He talks to the founders about how they began, obstacles they faced, raising money, scaling their businesses and more.

(Image from NPR)

What I love about this show is how intriguing and diverse these entrepreneurs are and the way they all found ideas to start companies that would impact millions of people, growing immensely popular, and ultimately land in the notorious Silicon Valley for funding by the Venture Capitalists.


Of course there is no denying, that the host asks some meaningful and personal questions to create this story of all the ups and downs the founders in question went through. Moreover, listening to his voice is so uplifting in a weird sort of the way. Roman Mars from 99 Percent Invisible has a very soothing voice, the type you could go to sleep to. But Guy Raz, makes you want to get up and do something with the life and knowledge that you have.

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Awesome show to listen to if you like Tech, Business or just curious in general.

  1. Thick and Thin by Katy Belotte.

I’ll admit this podcast is sort of a guilty pleasure for me. Katy Bellotte is a Youtuber whom I’ve been following for a few years now. She’s the sort of a Youtuber who stays relevant no matter what trends or outrageous tags are going on, she just stays true to what her content is about and goes with it.

(Image from ApplePodcast)

Now, this podcast and her life may be a bit of stretch for us South Asian listeners but it is so interesting listening to her go about her life in NYC. Working as a Social Media Coordinator for L’Oreal, I find it really amusing and sometimes relatable how she navigates life and forms opinions on love, work, confidence, body issues and so much more.


Check out her youtube channel, to catch a vibe of what I mean:

  1. Yasmin Mogahed Lectures

Now this Podcast came in my life during a rough patch I was going through. You know when things get tough and you’re mind is running at 100 miles per hour, it is hard to stay focused. Despite knowing all the answers your brain acts like muddy puddle as if you never knew that 1 + 1 = 2.

(Image from Youtube:Yasmin Mogahed)

Anyway, if you find yourself at such a pivotal moment in your existential crisis I would suggest listening to Yasmin’s Mogahed’s podcast on “how to reclaim the heart”. This is an Islamic show but despite the nature of the content I believe anyone from any background can find something to hold onto and look forward to.

(Image from yasmin.mogahed.com)

Scroll through the episode list, find any title that catches your attention and listen! If anything you can always stop or end with takeaways you never knew about.

  1. WorkLife with Adam Grant: A Ted Original Podcast

After reading Originals by Adam Grant I was looking up more books to read by him when I came across his TedTalk and found he had made a podcast in collaboration with Ted. Much like his book, Grant talks about the various aspects of organizational psychology in a work environment and looks into what makes or breaks a good workplace.

(Image from TED)

He discusses the cultures of such diverse workplaces that the only thing they have in common is being employee focused – well at least all the good ones.  While studying how to make “work not suck” he discusses strategies and habits that make good leaders that ultimately go on leading efficient teams that achieve monumental goals.

(Image from Twitter:Adam Grant)

If you’ve been planning on telling your boss how not suck at work and make your life miserable (we’ve all been there!) Gift them his book or send a link to this podcast in that Team group chat on whatsapp that even makes a Sunday horrible!


All managers at one point start reading management books, why not gift them a Wharton School Professor’s book? They’ll be impressed and the message of not sucking at their job will be communicated without having done the awful but needful deed 😉

(Image from Twitter:Adam Grant)

Also, if you’re just starting out and are having problems adjusting in a corporate/startup/bureaucratic/old-school workplace, listen to this. You’ll definitely end up learning more than bargained for!


Hope you all enjoyed.

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