96. A Bad Day in the Life of a Millennial

Bad days, off days, blue days and more crappy days have become the new normal of our millennial lives.

No matter how bright the sun shines and your rock solid positive attitude, one wrong step and it’s like life threw all the lemons at you without supplying a bit of sugar to sweeten that lemonade.

It’s alright, we’re all humans *plays Human by Christina Perri*

What an odd idea no? being human as if on the good days we’re what? Robots? Machines? Androids with emotions laid out as apps that you use according to your need?

Okay I got a bit carried away there.

But you get what I’m talking about.

You know? Those moments in our lives when even waking up in the morning seems to take more effort than running a 5K and all you want to do is hit pause, rewind to when you were 5 and break the play button so you’re stuck in the same age and frame, happily going about life.

I get it! Trust me I do.

I watched a video a few days back where the person was talking about how the fact that you’re not a child anymore when you turn 18 can be scary, because that is all that you’ve known for your entire life.

And it made me think that yes it is! Scary, nerve wrecking and stressful.

All of a sudden you’re expected to figure out a higher degree that’ll successfully map your career path and the related other higher degree that will be beneficial for you, while figuring out how to manage money when all you’ve been allotted all your life is a fixed pocket money devoid of bonuses, pension, employee old age benefits, taxes and insurance.

But the most important and neglected aspect is that all this knowledge and information that was never communicated directly through school or the books previously, must come to you as second nature like you were born with it.

So all this brings me back to the first line in this rant disguised as a beautiful/aesthetically appeasing post that shows I have my life figured; that is bad days.

How do you counter them and get through it?

Now that is a better question that finding an answer to X, am I right? (you know I’m right!)

Sure I can shove the self help knowledge down your throat about having a positive attitude, looking at the glass as half full, and the likes.

But honestly, sometimes you need all the distractions and mind numbing movies in the world to forget the horrendous and terrifying reality which is your life.

Why not watch a real life person act as a fictional person figure out the mess in their life? It’s fun and they all get a happy ending (at least most of them).

But all these distractions should never (emphasis on the SHOULD) be considered the solution to all the problems in your life. The first step to solving any issue is accepting it exists.

Bad days exists, and no! you’re not the only person on this earth going through whatever turmoil you’re going through.

Everyone has struggles and problems equally hurting and painful if not less, and compassion and empathy can do wonders for us all, if we let them take control on ourselves.

But before I go all preachy on you, this is what I do on a bad day:

  1. Eat chocolate. Tons of it. Darker the better. Milk chocolate is fine too but 70% cocoa is amazing and 80% is a dream come true.

I have a terrible sweet tooth so chocolate is my poison of choice and I’m sure even on my deathbed I’ll have some bars hidden away from grandchildren so they don’t put their fingers on them.

I won’t be a generous grandma it seems. Oh well.

  1. A face mask. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, take care of that face of yours isn’t all narcissistic. It is important actually with the environment we live in now. A face mask sheet is really soothing. Especially if you have a headache or stress, the coolness actually relaxes you.

3. Remember when you loved coloring and even your art teacher saw potential in you? Who said you have to let it go. Trust me it is so calming.

I bought a coloring book and it has been the best purchase of 2019. Get one and feel your mind getting rid of all those worries one color pencil at a time. (any ad agency here? Hire me!)

  1. When all else fails I go to the books that bring me joy, laughter and a few tears here and there. These are some of my favourite but Pride and Prejudice, Born a Crime, A Man Called Ove are just a few that I love!
  2. Watch your favourite movies. Comedy preferably!
  3. Or just binge watch on a TV show. Nothing sappy or sad! Try Russian Dolls, The Good Doctor, Modern Family or good old Friends

No matter what you do please realize these things aren’t the end, they are only means to an end. Rely on them in times of need or leisure but never for a permanent solution.

In the end face the show no matter how risky or terrible after indulging yourself a bit, cause trust me once you’re done with it, you can move on.

Happier, wiser and stronger.

Good luck,



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