97. 6 Books with Strong yet Flawed Female Characters

As a teenager I used to be enamoured by the way male writers would describe and portray their female characters.

Going on about their flaws and problems, I used to think “wow! They do know a lot more about women!” It was naive thinking, indulged by the likes of Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown and similar authors.

I guess it was more like foolish thoughts as male authors can never fully empathise with women! Or can they?

While some authors made me want to puke others peaked my interest. So these past few years I’ve been on the lookout for books with a strong female lead! Not some description about women as “frail, delicate beings having their nerves wrecked at the slightest inconvenience!”

And here is my list of books with strong minded, equally flawed, and uniquely intelligent female protagonists:

  1. The Hunger Games:

Remember Katniss Everdeen? I read the books a good few years before the movies came out, so I was beyond thrilled when I saw the film.

The character of Katniss really stole my heart, sacrificing for her sister, doing what everyone wants her to do but in her own way!

(Image from Amazon UK)

Stood up against the ruler, rebelled and ultimately killed the leader of the revolution.

She wasn’t meant to be messed with!

  1. The Divergent Series:

When I finished Abnegation, I had to pause and go to the bathroom cause I was so close to crying out in front of everyone in my lab. (yes, I read this during a lab I wasn’t interested in, we all have our moments 😛 )

(Image From: Divergent Wikia – Fandom)

This series was mind blowing! I still love it like yesterday and sure the movies were great but the books though… they’re fantanstic. The character of Tris is so black and white, she knows when something is wrong and doesn’t shy away from it and Four.

But, but but we’re talking about female protagonists…

  1. Pride and Prejudice:

Do I need to provide an essay for why the character of Elizabeth Bennet is the modern day version of a girl standing up for her right to life, education and love?

Written in the 19th century, Jane Austen’s novel has not only transcended time but also generations.

Once in your life, you have to try out this book.

  1. Mistborn Trilogy:

This trilogy was one of my most favourite reads of last year, all the characters were crafted with such detail to human flaws and strengths, it was a delight.

But the character of Vin, stole my heart! She is so persistent and paranoid and courageous and trustworthy despite what she been through, she is a force to be reckoned with.

  1. It Ends With Us:

Okay, so this book was on domestic abuse and violence, and although the love bit was nice and all, the topic the author tried to narrate in a story was highly sensitive.

So, yes. I’ve included it in my list, because although the ending was pretty vague, the resilience Lilly showed, the feelings of redemption and empathy for her mother was heartbreakingly beautiful.

  1. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I love this book so much, I cannot even begin to explain.

However, this story has 2 female characters that were moving and headstrong. Both Juliet and Elizabeth are center stage of this story and despite the after effects of the war, both impacted people around them.

If you’ve made it through this long, tell me any female characters that surprised and stunned you.


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