108. Her Favorite Chocolate Surprises

“Is this all?” asked the cashier of the small shop, 2 streets away, a frequent witness of this late night customer’s purchases.

“Um, yeah. Can you add 2 more of those Chocolate Egg Surprises?”

“Sure, the total is 435 rupees now”

“Sorry, but do you mind giving me three more of those egg surprises?”

“Jee Janab, of course” said the cashier, adding those extra surprises into the small plastic bag already full to the brim with packets of chips, jellies and what not.

“Looks like you’ve got a bunch of kids who can’t get enough those, eh?” said the guy standing behind the line, impatiently tapping his right foot to get a hold of his cigarettes and get back to his video game.

People these days have no control over their kids! They just end up giving them these distractions so they won’t start crying out loud he thought, while silently vowing to be a stricter dad when he had one.

“Well, yes and no…” he said laughingly while gazing awkwardly to the right.

“They’re for my wife at home who had a bad day… these usually cheer her up whenever she feels a bit low.”

Of course she wouldn’t have had those bad days if the universe would give them the one thing they most desired. The one thing that would’ve made their life complete and shut the mouths of those who just want to see them unhappy.

But, mostly he’d go out on a limb  to get such things to remind her of the curiosity she used to have once as a kid while peeling that wrapper ever so carefully so that she’d get a perfect egg shell.

Unbroken and not cracked.

And would squeeze just enough in the middle to find that little yellow box holding the toy she would build before eating the shells.

He’d get those chocolate surprise eggs to remind her, that one day she’ll be sharing that curiosity with a mini version of them – who’ll inherit whatever good they have and hopefully not the bad they own.

But till then, I’ll just keep her busy with one or a dozen chocolate surprise eggs at a time, he thought while gazing at a blank point in the wall having missed seeing the shop keeper add another surprise egg.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash


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