129. 5 Non-Fiction Books to Read if You Can’t Stand Fiction 1.0

Welcome back everyone!

Today’s post is a little different then my normal recommendation posts that I do; and before you read anything else I hope you find joy in my feeble attempt at being funny.

So, I’ve come to know how people have their favourite book categories they turn to blindly. Some love thrillers, some enjoy drama, historical fiction, and some love Harry Potter (yes, it is an entire category and if you don’t agree the Potterheads will come for you!).

But all of those belong to the beautiful umbrella called Fiction, which usually isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Personally I’d read anything under the sun except for Horror, Erotica and… yeah pretty much.

But I know not everyone has the time for knowing, befriending, living, and breathing worlds and characters residing in the literary world.

Which is fine (I guess… is it?) and so below are some non-fiction titles that were equally amusing for me as my classics, high-fantasies, and modern day contemporaries.

The descriptions may fit you or your friend, so don’t hesitate on using this as a gift guide.

  1. For the person who thinks their tech savy and on the brink of forming a Unicorn Startup (but actually just close to being a unicorn):

*The Upstarts by Brad Stone was the most intimate, in-depth analysis of the journey of Uber and Airbnb. If you think those were novel ideas you’re wrong, and if you think the founders were revolutionary, you’re wrong.

They were ambitious, strong willed and ready to fight till their last punch! Such a thrilling story. If you read one book on tech start-ups that have scaled massively and quickly, this should be it!

Read my review here.

  1. When you think being a College Dropout equals success but emulating Steve Jobs lands you in a massive fraud:

I haven’t read *Bad Blood: Secret and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou but I have read enough articles and watched enough interviews to realise that the founder of Theranos; Elizabeth Holmes was a real life Ocean 11 con artist.

(Image from Amazon)

The company was valued for $10 billion dollars, the founder was a dropout and she appeared in interviews alongside Jack Ma and Bill Clinton (not that he matters) but it was all a fraud.

Her product that would tell everyone their health condition using only a pinch of your blood was a lie and she is currently facing jail time and a trial that is due next year.

Also HBO made a show on this called The Inventor.

  1. But if you’re not a College Dropout and actually want to be a better team player at your job (or want coping mechanisms against your boss and their antics):

*Originals by Adam Grant is a great book. The author is an organization psychologist meaning he looks into ways companies can make the lives of their employees easier.

If you’ve ever considered giving your boss a gift, one that could basically say “It doesn’t hurt to be nice” and didn’t ’t want to come across as buttering them up either, this is the book to give.

Trust me they wouldn’t even know whether to be grateful or hateful, and they might (a 70% chance I’d say) actually become sane!

Read my review here.

  1. You know that one friend who dreams of being The Wolf of Wall Street but knows next to nothing about Wall Street (I’m that friend uh oh):

I read *Flash Boys by Michael Lewis in August, it is about stock trading but more importantly about High Frequency Trading, the way technology has changed the way stocks are traded and peels off the layers of an onion to show how distance and area have literally changed the game.

To be honest, I was googling half the stuff I was reading because I had no clue, and despite this book being written to be understandable, you may end up reading the same passage over and over to get the gist of it.

  1. When you say you’re okay but you’re not. There is no shame in talking but if you feel so reading won’t hurt:

*Lost Connections by Johann Hari is an eye-opening book about how the Pharma industry is literally making billions off mental illnesses while delivering medicines that aren’t effective and in most cases, detrimental.

(Image from Amazon)

I loved this book. It is a must read for our generation powered by social media, likes and follows, to understand how this system of virtual connectivity has made us more depressed than connected.

Now that I have mentioned all the books I can see a common theme among them: technology.

I’ll be doing another version of this real soon and I hope for the orthodox/non-budging fiction fan, I’ve shown some non-fiction reads that are pretty cool and amazing.


*all the book titles have been linked to a book depository affiliate link whereby I receive a small commission if you purchase a book using that link. There are no extra charges.

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